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Curious About Our Processes?

From one-off designs to bulk orders, TB Products can take on any order! Direct to Garment (DTG) is the best option for full-color single print items and screenprinting and embroidery are your best bet for bulk orders (typically 15+ items). Read on for an explanation of each service and our requirements for artwork for each type of service.

DTG Machine-01.png

How Direct to Garment Printing Works: Simplified

Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing is the best choice if you aren’t interested in making a bulk order (15+ garments). DTG Printers work almost the same as your home printer, except your garment is the paper!

We don’t need a lot from you to get your completed products turned around quickly: just choose your garment and send us your artwork!

To choose your garment, please visit our Garment Search tab.

Now, for the artwork, we do have some requirements: Please be sure to send us a jpeg or .png file that has a transparent background and is 200-300 dpi in the size of the print you would like. If you are unsure about the viability of your artwork, feel free to send it to and our team of graphic designers would be happy to check your file. Don’t have your own artwork? No problem! Our graphic designers would love to create custom artwork for you at an additional cost.

See how simple it is to get your custom printed apparel?

How Screenprinting Works: Simplified

A negative of your final artwork is printed on a thin screen stretched tightly over a frame. Crop marks are used to line up the artwork on our machines correctly. Ink is pushed through the parts of the screen that aren’t covered by your design’s negative. The areas that have no print allow ink to come through, leaving a print on your shirt. After printing, your shirt goes through a dryer to cure and then we box it up and bring it to you! There is quite a bit more behind the scenes but let us worry about that. We just need your help with the first two steps: design and apparel choice.

For apparel choice, please feel free to click on our Garment Search tab so you know what items you want printed on. Easy peasy!

Next, for artwork, we have some minimum requirements: the easiest option is to provide us with vector artwork. Don’t have vector artwork? No worries! Send us artwork between 200-300 dpi at the size you would like it printed. If you aren’t confident that your artwork meets our requirements, feel free to send it to and we would be more than happy to check out your files for you! We offer artwork conversion services at an additional cost if your design doesn’t meet the minimum requirements.

Don’t have artwork? We can design something from your ideas! Please feel free to inquire for a quote and let’s get you some shirts!


How Embroidery Works: Simplified

Embroidery is a more refined way of customizing your apparel. It is perfect for hats, shirts, scarves, bags and so much more! First, we take your artwork and upload it into a software that tells the embroidery machines where each individual needly needs to puncture the fabric in order to run a thread in that specific spot, and which color thread to use, in order to create your final artwork on your chosen apparel.

A few extra factors that go into embroidery are intricateness, size of the design, thread type and fabric thickness and types. But your part in this is just as simple as any other customization options: choose your garments and provide us with artwork, we will handle the rest!

First, choose your apparel by using our Garment Search tool.

Next, provide us with artwork. The best thing about embroidery is that we don’t need a minimum dpi file for it like we do for screenprint or DTG since the file will be converted by the embroidery program anyways. The only drawback is some designs are not conducive to embroidery, they may be too small or too intricate. Send us your artwork at if you are unsure if your artwork will work.

As always, if you’d like something designed from scratch, our graphic design department would love to help you out! Just send us a quick email with your request and we will design something great for you for an additional fee.

How Heat Transfer Works: Simplified

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) is a vinyl used to decorate apparel, bags, and other soft goods. HTV is adhered to the garment using heat and pressure. HTV is the perfect choice if you need different numbers on the back of your team’s apparel or different names on your company’s custom t-shirts. HTV is best used for single color simple images as opposed to intricate designs.

Like screenprinting, your involvement in creating custom apparel is minimal: choose your garments and provide artwork.

Check out our list of garments using the Garment Search tab. If there’s something else you’re looking for, please feel free to reach out.

As for artwork, vector art provided is the most efficient option, however we can create artwork utilizing your 200-300 dpi image scaled to your preferred print size. Separate art fees may apply for vectorizing your files. If you aren’t sure of the quality of your file, feel free to email

If you don’t have artwork and would like our graphic designers to create something special, drop us a line and we would be glad to help.v

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