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Custom Signage

Our newest additions, the EFI Pro30 UV Flatbed Printer and our twin Colex CNC Cutters, make fast work of custom signage needs. From standard rectangular yard signs to die cut designs, our coroplast yard signs will draw all the right attention.

Our EFI Pro30F Flatbed printer is the perfect tool to print your custom signage or awards. Used in conjunction with our twin Colex CNC Cutters, the possibilities are endless!


The Flatbed Printer offers a large bed size with a printable area of 120 in x 80 in, big enough to handle almost any task. The carriage, which moves along utilizing a system of rails and gantries, can accommodate material as thick as 4 inches! Your logo will pop whether it’s black and white or every color on the spectrum with the precise dot placement available. Large printable area, almost limitless media thickness, and precise dot placement printing: what isn’t to love?

The next part of this team up is our twin Colex CNC Cutters. With the combination of interchangeable tool heads, vision registration, and a strong 6-zone vacuum system, the preciseness at which these CNC machines cut is extraordinary! From foamcore to coroplast to aluminum composite material to acrylic, these cutters won’t quit!

To top it off, we have a very knowledgeable and creative art department that can create almost anything you can think of utilizing these machines and your ideas. Interested in seeing what we can do for you? Feel free to reach out to us at to inquire about signs for your business or organization!

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